Welcome to the home of Australian Trend Forecast, a world-class trend forecasting agency that provides consulting, education and forecasting services to Australian and global companies and creatives. 


At the centre of Australian Trend Forecast is the cutting-edge foresight, analysis and creative skill that delivers on trend forecasts that allow brands (or companies) and creatives to set themselves on a path that will evolve and resonate with their audiences. 

Kim Chadwick, the founder of Australian Trend Forecast, is one of the world's leading trend forecasters. 


The team at Australian Trend Forecast work hand-in-hand with some of the world's leading brands. 

From product range development to creative direction, Kim works one-on-one with businesses and brands of many kinds, to deliver (for example) a product range and creative approach that pays dividends. The key is audience resonance. 


Kim Chadwick is in high demand throughout Australia and the world as a trend forecast speaker and educator. Kim is available to be booked for speaking engagements and will customise content on request.

She presents with clarity, warmth and enthusiasm. Her insight is invaluable and influences a brands' creative direction for years to come. 


The Australian Trend Forecast team often run events and education that is open to creative professionals of all kinds. Kim is a highly experienced facilitator and presents her education and training with a practical, clear and engaging style.

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