Kim Chadwick, Founder of Australian Trend Forecast and Designer of Designer Colour Wheel

Kim Chadwick, Founder of Australian Trend Forecast and Designer of Designer Colour Wheel

Meet Kim Chadwick

Kim Chadwick is the Director of Australian Trend Forecast and the designer of the Designer Colour Wheel. 

She is an internationally renowned trend forecaster, creative, consultant and speaker and frequently leads education and workshops with professionals on trend forecasting and colour theory. 

Kim has been working with colour and products for over 25 years and works with major clients to forecast and direct their upcoming product ranges and colour palettes. She is highly experienced delivering this strategic advice across a range of sectors and industries, specialising in interior and exterior building products and materials for the built environment. 

During the course of her career, and especially while running workshops and education, Kim found previous colour wheel iterations frustrating and wanted to simplify people's ability to understand the principles of colour theory and the language of colour.

Kim created the Designer Colour Wheel and launched it in 2017. She views the Designer Colour Wheel as an essential tool for creatives across the board,

Kim says, “Colour is a science and the Designer Colour Wheel is easier for professionals to use. By isolating colour combinations, users can immediately see harmonious colour combinations.”

“Colour wheels have been a useful tool for creatives for decades, but there was scope to allow for easier visualisation of colour schemes and harmonies. The Designer Colour Wheel delivers the ability to see colour harmonies and colour schemes in isolation, which is achieved through two additional discs that allow the user to shuffle quickly to colour schemes.”