About Australian Trend Forecast

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Australian Trend Forecast delivers the very latest trend developments in colour, material and finishes...

We actively source, identify and deliver the very latest trend developments in colour, material and finishes. We capture, evaluate and apply this valuable information in our strategic client consulting, trend forecasting and education services.

What we do?

You might ask yourself, 'I understand what forecasting is, but what does it actually mean in the real world, for real companies and brands?' It's actually a fascinating - and practical - service that we offer. Our role is to accurately forecast colour, material and finishes trends. This, in turn, puts our clients in the drivers' seat when they're going through their design process, product development, manufacturing and marketing of their products and services. It gives them a major insight into the likely buying trends of their customers, and it helps to consolidate their audience understanding. Our clients are able to create product ranges and design work that connects and engages with both their audiences and the trends their audience is seeking, maximising their sales revenue. 

Trend forecasting is not only a positive influence for brands and companies, it's a practical and effective one. 

Why are colour & material trends important?

Tracking and evaluating trends is a vital way of gaining insight into what makes consumers tick, how they will interact with brands, and how they'll buy. The ability to rely on accurate trend forecasting allows our clients to respond to market movements as they happen and focus their innovation and product development. Our forecasts have proven to be an essential tool for manufacturers, importers, designers and specifiers in both the Australia and New Zealand markets. We provide industry with information to assist in the development and marketing of new products and colour ranges.