Laneway housing model wins 9 Dots Award

10 x 10 The Laneway House, an innovative yet practical design for a laneway-based urban dwelling, has won the 2013 CSR Cemintel 9 Dots Award.

The proposal, entered into the competition by Perth-based graduate architect, Johannes Lupolo-Chan, is a proposed typology for new laneway housing in Perth’s inner-city suburbs, which are notorious for having the lowest density per square kilometre in Australia. As a typical block size is 400 to 500 square metres and usually 10 metres wide, 10 x 10 was designed to allow easy subdivision of existing land with access to laneways, using Cemintel’s Creative range of cladding and ceiling solutions to allow individuals to personalise these 10 x 10 houses.

Melonie Bayl-Smith of Bijl Architects Sydney, who was on the judging panel together with Malcolm Carver of Scott Carver Architects, Kim Chadwick of Australian Trend Forecast and David Neustein of Other Architects, adds: “The success of the broad-minded urban considerations in the 10×10 Laneway House design proposal is founded in its material language and keen sense of scale." 

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